Swarm Removal


Our club has several members who can help the public with “nuisance” honey bees; the bees will be removed humanely from your property.

Contact one of our members below or send them an email if you notice either of the following and would like us to help:

  • A large mass or clump (swarm) of honey bees in your yard, perhaps hanging on a tree branch, mailbox, swing set or the underside of a picnic table or bbq grill.
  • OR you observe a large number of honey bees entering and exiting a small opening, such as on a porch column, eave of a roof or hollow tree.

*We do NOT remove bees from Structures. We can refer you to someone who can provide you with an estimate to safely and professionally remove bees from your structure or home. For help in the removal of bees from structures please call Ryan Ross (910-612-5842) or Howard Christian (910-512-3633).


One of our club members will assess the situation and humanely capture the swarm and remove it from your property, if possible, at no charge. If the swarm has already found it’s new home in a tree or structure on your property, removal may be more complicated.


This will only kill the foraging adult bees that you see. Structural bee removal requires removing the hive the honey bees have constructed inside the cavity (wax, honey, larvae) and repairing the opening so another swarm would not find it attractive, repeating the cycle. You may incur some costs in this situation, which will be agreed to up front between you and the beekeeper.

Bee Swarm Removal in New Hanover County
Bee Swarm
Bee Swarm Removal in New Hanover County

About Swarms

Swarming is the natural process by which a new honey bee colony is formed when a queen bee leaves the original hive location with a large group of worker bees. The swarm can contain thousands to tens of thousands of bees.

After they leave the original hive, the swarm will usually find a place to rest (often in the strangest places) while scout bees look for a new hive location.

A honey bee swarm is generally not aggressive, especially when left alone. Do not approach the swarm as they take temporary respite near your home, and keep children and pets away.

Swarm Removal Contacts

Here is a list of NHCBA members who are ready, willing and able to safely remove swarms from your property.
Please choose the member who is in your zip code to text or call.
​Helpful information to share with the beekeeper-
​​*the location of the swarm
​​*send a picture or video
​*how high is the swarm, will it require a ladder


​Lara Reynolds: 917-443-9345 (Sunset Park and surrounding area)


​Andrea Dillon: 910-367-0711(Monkey Junction area)
​Gloria(Rhia) Fite: 910-368-1535
​Micheal Goins: 910-616-7420 (Greenville Loop area)
​Jamie McLellan: 571-334-8072 (Myrtle Grove area)
​Jim Warren: 910-619-9002 (Masonboro Loop area)
​Susan Warwick: 910-616-3181 (Holly Tree/Pine Grove Dr)
​Brian West: 910-619-4884 ( Greenville Loop area)


Howard Christian: 910-512-3633 (Hampstead area)


​Louis Lee: 910-616-1315 (Forest Hills and surrounding area)


David Bridgers: 910-512-2765 (Ogden area)
​Ryan Ross: 910-612-5842 (New Hanover County)


​Jordan Godwin: 910-264-2910 (Leland area)
Samantha Werner: 910-322-8052 (Leland area)
Mike Willis: 703-350-9409 (Leland area)


Michael McQuery: 910-279-7319( Carolina Beach area)


​Keith Edwards: 480-280-6029 (Carolina Place area and surrounding)
​Bill Morrison: 910-409-4112 ( Forest Hills area and surrounding)
​Johnny Dickerson: 910-471-2850 (Kings Grant area)
Brian Lindberg: 571-330-8156


Bill Bennett: 910-297-3118 (Myrtle Grove /Pine Valley)
​Holly Cunningham: 910-465-7017 (River Road area)
​Alan DeForest: 910-297-1094 (Pine Valley area)
Please note that this list is for swarm removal of Honey Bees only. We do not remove other insects.
For information and referrals for structural bee removal see the above information. 

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