Members of the New Hanover County Beekeepers Association (NHCBA) gathered in-person for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic. The group, as many other have, held their meetings virtually on Zoom until recently.

Twenty members attended the meeting, held Thursday, July 15, 2021 at the NHC Arboretum.



A PowerPoint presentation reminded members the process by which honey is produced.

After the meeting, honey tasting  was held using members honey. Jim K. , Daniella P, and Susan W. had a 3 way tie 🥇

Alcohol Wash Mite test

1. Sandy C. demonstrates how to gently drag the cup slowly down a frame to allow bees to fall into jar until 1/2 cup is collected.

2. Then join to jar with 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol.

3. Gently swirl for a couple of minutes.

4. Observe alcohol in bright light, count mites.

5. THREE or less is acceptable.

Sugar Shake mite test

1. Susan W. demonstrates dumping the sugar onto a white frisbee to make the mites even more visible.

2. Although the sugar shake doesn’t doesn’t kill the bees it can be difficult to do in the hot humid summer as the powdered sugar tends to clump.

3. THREE mites is the maximum acceptable level.

Thank you to all the members who attended. It was great to see you all in person!

Bee sure to join us August 19th for our next swarm.


 – David M., NHCA Site Editor