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Honey Tasting Contest

Honey Tasting Contest

We recently had a honey tasting contest at our meeting and had members vote for their favorite honey! It was a sweet time for all. Our winner was Ellen Gurganious with her amazing Bee Kind Honey! Ellen won the Golden Hive Tool Award and bragging rights! A close 2nd...

Members Work with Scouts on Apiary at Halyburton Park

Members Work with Scouts on Apiary at Halyburton Park

Recently some of our members have been working with the Boy Scouts on a brand new Apiary at Halyburton Park. Take a look at some of the progress photos below, and join us for the grand ribbon cutting ceremony later this month! Check out our blog for more information...

August meeting focuses on beekeeping equipment

About thirty members gathered for the August 19, 2021 meeting as we gave attendees the opportunity to say goodbye to some old equipment and hello to some new. Here is a picture of one of our newest members, the proud winner of a honey extractor from the club's raffle:...