Equipment Checkout

As a member of the New Hanover County Beekeepers Association, you can request to check out the equipment below.

Bee smoker


Used to distract bees and mask pheromones

Beekeeper Resources

Uncapping knife, honey roller, honey scratcher

Uncapping knife to remove wax caps on honey comb, honey roller pokes holes in caps and honey scratcher or rake

Beekeepers Mentor Program

Fume board and BeGone spray

Used to move bees to deep

NHC Beekeepers Association Honey Extractor


2 electric for honey harvesting

Beekeepers Mentor Program

Bee Brush

Used to move reluctant bees

Varroa Alcohol Wash Kit

Used for mite control

Beekeepers Mentor Program

Uncapping tank

For removing wax caps from frames

Beekeeper Resources


Used to measure moisture content of honey

Equipment checkout for members

If you would like to checkout equipment, please fill out the form or contact Bill Morrison at (910) 409-4112.