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The New Hanover County Beekeepers Association does “outreach” education at schools and clubs where we bring bee products and equipment and do a lecture with honey tasting. Our association also provides community education and resources to protect the honey bee population. We also assist with honey bee swarm removal in New Hanover County.

Swarm Removal in New Hanover County

Swarm Removal

Have a swarm? Our club has several members who can help the public with “nuisance” honey bees; the bees will be removed humanely from your property. Contact us!

Beekeepers Mentor Program

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If you would like a member of the NHC Beekeeper Assocation to speak or have a booth at your event, contact us today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Honey Bee a Protected Species?

Honey Bees (Apis melllifera) are the on protected species list in the US.

What should I do if I have a swarm of bees hanging on a tree or your property?

Do not spray the bees with water or insecticide. Call a member of our swarm removal team, and we will assess the situation and remove the bees for you.

I have large bees around my deck or font porch. What should I do?

There’s are mostly likely carpenter bees – not honey bees. There are natural ways to get rid of carpenter bees, but our association does not assits with the removal of carpenter bees or any other bees/wasps/hornet beside honey bees.

What can I do to help the honey bee population?
  1. Plant a Bee Garden

  2. Go Chemical-Free for Bees

  3. Provide Trees for Bees

  4. Create a Bee Bath

  5. Support Local Beekeepers and Organizations

  6. Buy Local Honey
  7. Invite a Member of the NHC Beekeepers Association to speak at you next event

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