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Best Bee Photo Contest

Here are the prize winners for the "Best Bee Photo" contest at the November meeting.Members brought in photos and new guests at the meeting chose the winners,since they were impartial.

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The Friends School of Wilmington

Sandie Cecelski, a member of the New Hanover County Beekeepers, sharesher love of bees and beekeeping with the first and second gradersof The Friends School of Wilmington on a recent warm autumn day.The students were able to see the bees up close and taste honey too.

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Christmas Party 2019

Past President Tom Rhyne chats with a member in front of theChristmas Feast spread and one of numerous deserts broughtby the members, a Lemon cake beehive with decorativebees enjoying the icing, baked by Susan Warwick.

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Queen Bee

Did You Know...

Queens that are bred and sold commercially are marked with a dot of paint to make them more visible in the hive. The paint color is different each year so you know which year the queen was bred. This color marking protocol was developed years ago and is recognized internationally. Since a queen only lives 2-3 years, 5 colors are more than enough to uniquely identify how many years old a queen is.

This spring (2020) commercially bred queens will be marked with blue paint.

White – Yellow – Red – Green – Blue
A catchy phrase to help you remember the color sequence:
Where’s Your Red Golf Ball

Year Ending

1 or 6 – White
2 or 7 – Yellow
3 or 8 – Red
4 or 9 – Green
5 or 0 – Blue