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Detect the Mite Load in Your Hives | Mapping Tool to Help Pesticide Spplicators and Beekeepers Communicate 

By: The New Hanover County Beekeepers Assocation

Varroa Mites
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MiteCheck is an app for both beginning and experienced beekeepers. The goal of the app is to gather Varroa mite infestation levels in managed honey bee colonies, as well as information on the current practices being used by beekeepers around the USA to prevent and treat for the Varroa mite.

Beekeepers will also find the app to be a helpful learning tool. It contains an illustrated step-by-step guide on how to monitor for mites in your colonies using the sugar roll method. Included in the guide is a useful timer, as well as a shake trainer. The shake trainer helps you develop a sense of how rigorously the container holding the sugar coated bees must be shook in order to effectively dislodge the mites from the bees.

The three step MiteCheck survey takes just a few minutes and can help the broader beekeeping community develop a better grasp of Varroa mite infestation levels across the country. The Bee Informed Partnership uses the data gathered by the MiteCheck app to create interactive heat maps that provide beekeepers an easy to read visual representation of infestations across the USA.


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The new BeeCheck app is an upgrade in functionality and ease-of-use for the beekeepers who participate in the FieldWatch stewardship platform. Not only can beekeepers register and map their hives, they can now move them with ease from their mobile device or tablet! Existing users of BeeCheck simply need to download the FREE app and login. New BeeCheck users can sign up right from the app and map their hives! Staying connected in agriculture has never been easier!