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New Hanover County Beekeepers Association

Helping the honey bee and the beekeeper in their pursuit of a healthy and thriving Hive

The New Hanover County Beekeepers Association was founded in the fall of 2010 by a group of like-minded and passionate beekeepers wanting to centralize our resources and expertise and share the knowledge and experience with others.

As an association, we aim to educate the community on importance of honey bees and serve the Wilmington-area through swarm removal and more. View our community resources.

Welcome to the world of bees

The NHCBA meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month at the New Hanover County Arboretum, 6206 Oleander Dr. in Wilmington, N.C., unless otherwise announced.

Recent Blog Posts

August meeting focuses on beekeeping equipment

About thirty members gathered for the August 19, 2021 meeting as we gave attendees the opportunity to say goodbye to some old equipment and hello to some new. Here is a picture of one of our newest members, the proud winner of a honey extractor from the club's raffle:...

Cameron Art Museum Event

Cameron Art Museum Event

Sandie Cecelski, New Hanover County Beekeepers Club member, shared her love of honey bees and other native pollinators at the Cameron Art Museum’s Safe Places exhibition. The event was held on Saturday, June 19, from 10am-1pm and was a celebration of the great...

May 2021 NHCBA Meeting

May 2021 NHCBA Meeting

May 2021 NHCBA MeetingHoney Harvest Meeting! We held our first in person meeting since the covid shut down May 20th! Great to see everyone and have everyone paritcipate! We had a speacial guest from Retro Meadery share samples of their products and give us their...

Apps for Beekeepers

Apps for Beekeepers

App for Beekeepers Detect the Mite Load in Your Hives | Mapping Tool to Help Pesticide Spplicators and Beekeepers Communicate  By: The New Hanover County Beekeepers AssocationMiteCheck Download from the App Store   MiteCheck is an app for both beginning and...

A Short History of Beekeeping

As a way of introduction into this topic, many people have requested some information about the history of Beekeeping. As a former history teacher (many years ago), I decided to take a look at the topic. I have relied heavily on Eva Crane's book TheArchaeology of...