Links of Interest (12/11/2017)

If you have some favorite links related to our passion and they're not here, please pass them on.

North Carolina Spraying for the Zika Mosquito

North Carolina Bee Swarm Removal

NC State's Entomology
A treasure trove of information on bees:
Link 1 --- Link 2 --- Link 3

North Carolina State University Apiculture Program

North Carolina State Beekeepers Association

North Carolina State Beekeepers Application Form

You’re a Bee. This Is What It Feels Like. (12/11/2017)
Bee, Hornet, Wasp? Visit this link for recognition details of these fascinating insects (10/8/2017)
Healthy Bees - Healthy People - Healthy Planet (7/18/2017)
From our 5th Grade friend Lauren (2/6/2017)
Ashley Stephenson, our most recent past club president, is featured in this interesting program about the rust-patched bumble bee (another important pollinator) (1/20/2017)
Support our Supporters, the Friends of the Arboretum Newsletter (1/7/2017)
Honeybees and Winter (12/26/2016)
The Healing Powers of Honey (11/17/2016)
Pender event highlights growing interest in beekeeping (10/16/2016)
Bee Informed: Why did my honey bees die?
CNN: U.S. Air Force's high-speed F-22 stealth fighter VS a swarm
Star News Interview with our Secretary, Nicole Jones
Flowers and Bees: All about Honey - Pollination (5/2/2015)
7 Strange, But Great, Alternative Uses For Honey (2/22/2014)
Europe Bans Pesticides In Move To Protect Honey Bees (4/30/2013)
The Otherworldly Calm of Wolfgang Laib’s Glowing Beeswax Room (4/5/2013)
Here's a great, single-page resource, thanks Emilee! (7/27/2012)
The Green Beret Beekeeper, bestowing a valuable genetic legacy (6/30/2012)
The Staggering Plight of the Honeybee (5/2012)
IndieGoGo HoneyColony - where health & hive cross-pollinate (5/2012)
Funny Honey? Bringing Trust To A Sector Full Of Suspicion (12/14/2011)