Our Environment - Our Bees

On this page you'll find links to sites and documents offering information and assistance in our struggle to reduce the stress on our environment and our bees. Let us know of any such projects you may be involved in.

Varroa Mite Treatments

11/6/2017 - Our own club members David Bridgers, Tom Rhyne and Rick Williams conducted a research project evaluating some varroa mite treatments. Their work is featured in the most recent NCSU Apiculture newsletter:


US Bee Buffer Program
Participant Online Questionnaire

The U.S. Bee Buffer Project is an exciting project with a goal of influencing 6,000 acres positively for honey bee habitat. A honey bee seed mix will be provided at no cost to plant Bee Buffers. The U.S. Bee Buffer Project will create foraging habitat of pollen and nectar sources, essential to honey bee health. Click on the link above to participate.

Mosquito Exclusion Program
New Hanover County

A member sent this helpful form… if anyone would like to have their property excluded from being sprayed for mosquitos