Our Photo Albums

A Busy Bee

Miscellaneus Photos - photos that don't have enough images for a separate album, latest from the Dominican Republic, an unusual bee hive (3/2017).

Bee Sting Therapy - if it hasn't happened to you yet, it will. Here are some photos taken at one of our regular monthly meetings describing treatment for this common hazard.

Christmas Party - our annual Christmas pot luck party at the Arboretum on our usual Thursday night meeting. We install the new officers, have a short meeting and then enjoy the bounty.

Hiving a Swarm - here are some great pictures of Burt Millette putting a swarm in a hive body (w/o any gloves or arm protection), not a recommended practice for those of you new to bees.

Hive inspection and collection - photos by Mark Evans.

Bee Day - photos by Nathan Bales, our first annual Bee Day at the Arboretum to advertise our club, educate the public about bees and sell some of our local honey.

Swarm Removal - photos by Nathan Bales, David Bridgers and I removing a swarm on a boat at the Carolina Beach Marina.