Miscellaneous Photos

You'll find interesting photos here that don't warrant an album of their own
Updated 3/18/2017

A cool beehive in the Dominican Republic

Local beekeeper Jim Warren captured these images on a recent trip,
"it's fascinating how they attached to that wall
right out in the open with no shelter

The ruins of an old children's hospital A close up of that bee hive

New Hanover County Arboreteum Pollinator Day 2016

What a beautiful day for Pollinator Day 2016 What a beautiful day for Pollinator Day 2016

New Hanover County Fair 2014

New Hanover Fair 2014 setup with Stuart Avant (L) and Nathan Bales (R)

Here are some of those participating in one of our Beekeeper Classes, tests aren't fun!

Beekeeper School 2014 Beekeeper School 2014 Beekeeper School 2014


Here are the prize winners for the "Best Bee Photo" contest at the November meeting.
Members brought in photos and new guests at the meeting chose the winners,
since they were imparitial.

1st Prize - Nicole Jones - this picture was taken when I was feeding the bees this fall. I put a line of honey on a frame and watched with fascination as their organization and social skills lead them to a perfect arrangement of eating and sharing...what a wonderful insect! 2nd Prize - Ashley Stephenson

3rd Prize - Susan Warwick - This is an actual swarm that decided to swarm on the side of one of her boxes.  Neat, but strange they chose the side of a box?

This is our new display to be used at the New Hanover County Fair

David Bridgers, Michael Goins and Nathan Bales, members of the New Hanover County Beekeepers Association standing in front of the recently completed display for the county fair.  NHC Fair 2013

Four million flowers, extraordinary living sculptures and a stunning horticultural display in the heart of the Botanical Garden — at the Mosaïcultures Internationales® event held in Montréal during the Summer of 2013!

Busy beesThis is a good patch Master BeekeeperMaster Beekeeper

2013 OfficersTwo Presidents

“Passing of the Baton”

We had a wonderful Christmas pot luck dinner with many new & past members present and lots of yummy food to go around. The new officers were installed (in spite of several being gone for the holidays).

A Honey Award Honey Fair Master Beekeeper Honey Bee on Yellow Rose Nathan's Loquat Blossoms

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